It is much easier to manage the disease once you accept that you have it. This is particularly pertinent for family members who have to live through the turmoil.  Certainly my family, especially my Mum, was very, very relieved when the psychiatrist explained to her what was happening,


Obviously I cannot write my thoughts about anti-depressants without talking about Clinical Depression. This is a different form of depression from bi-polar depression; therefore the correct diagnosis is vital. It is rare for a patient to go to their doctor when they are high or in mania.


Thankfully these days, people are pretty well informed about mental illness, indeed it is sometimes even ‘’glamourised’’ by the media in the mistaken belief that we are all blessed with huge creative talent. There’s nothing funny about being in mania and it is often mistakenly portrayed.

Advice and Action

Try and divert your mind in any way possible, and usually for me that means being active. I take ‘’The Golden One’’ for a walk (my friend’s heavenly golden labrador, actually called Vanille – she’s French, you know!) or go on my treadmill. If the anxiety is too intense then I will lie down and…


This is a common bi-polar symptom and continues to impact my life. Why, why, why? I find it extremely vexing to accept anxiety in any shape or form. In fact I am staggered at how easy my life is compared to others, and am enraged and BORED by the time and energy that goes into…

Alcohol and Addiction

My first dalliance with alcohol was, of course, at school around 14 years of age. Not really a big deal but my tipple of choice in those days (early 80s) was ‘’spritzer’ aka white wine and soda water. Later I would strangle anyone for diluting my wine! Also as the years went by, the wine…