I would imagine that there are many people on the fringes of bipolar who manage their condition through holistic means. If anyone with full blown bipolar manages it solely through practices like yoga and meditation, then well done, as that must require enormous practice and dedication. My treatment is still very much medicine based through drug therapy, but I have always been open to complementary therapies. There is no doubt that the people I know who meditate regularly and practice yoga are visibly more at peace than me. Again there are hundreds of different types of yoga and you have to find what suits you best. For some it is gentle, others much more rigorous. Because I get my rigour through running, I have opted for a more gentle yoga approach. I must stress that I am very new to this and have not yet noticed any great improvement in my mental health! That said I absolutely understand that it is a long, slow journey that is to be enjoyed and not rushed.

The DVDs that I have been following are from a teacher called Maya Fiennes, who is every bit as Zen and lovely as you would hope.

I have started off with the following ‘’ Kundalini Yoga – To detox and De-stress’’. It takes around an hour and is deeply relaxing and becomes more so after each practice.  The exercises are also great for strengthening the back and I must admit I feel great afterwards. Again I have to be disciplined to practice it regularly but highly recommend it as a starting point. If you prefer to be with a group rather than in your own home, then you will find local classes by going on line.

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