Aaaah the seductive lure of Xanax.

‘’Alprazolam probably better known by its trade name, Xanax, is a short-acting drug. The drug is used to treat people with anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Alprazolam is the most prescribed and the most misused benzodiazepine on the U.S. retail market.”

When drinking heavily I used it as a post booze anti-anxiety remedy but now I never go over what has been prescribed by my doctor, although I do not see a time as yet where it will not be carried in my handbag, such is my fear of having an unscheduled panic attack.

Also Xanax use is treated irresponsibility in the media and especially now there is not a film where it is not mentioned in a supposedly jokey way that it implies it is commonplace to take it.

Sedatives are dangerously seductive and I like anything seductive. Over stimulation in bi-polar makes me reach for a solution in the form of Xanax. Get rid of the props (she says with coffee and ashtray in hand) as I hate myself when I let myself down in this way as just another form of self-medicating to ease the burden of the normal stresses and strains of modern life. Most people put the kettle on, I take a Xanax! There is no doubt that I am addicted to Xanax (not from choice but because the withdrawal is so utterly horrific and dangerous)…


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