After a life long struggle with weight I hit my nadir at a big fat 80 kilos after my stay in psychiatric paradisio. Even now to my amazement I dedicatedly followed a strict regime (very enjoyable once you regain control over eating) and reached 65 kilos 6 months later, with no alcohol, of course, and plenty of exercise. I have no idea where the willpower came from as it has been in short supply most of my life, but the sight of my naked bingo arms and huge thighs in my full-length mirror was a rude awakening. Must get rid of that nasty mirror.

Weight gain is common because of meds and generally feeling like hell. No energy for life or sport, so comfort eat and drink and the cycle goes on. What I can say which is of the utmost importance if you want to be serious about weight loss and improving general wellbeing is that it CAN BE ACHIEVED DESPITE WEIGHT GAINING MEDICATION but be patient and kind to yourself. No point hating yourself, just ask yourself if being slim would make you happier. If yes, it’s perfectly achievable and not that hideous- well the first few weeks are. I didn’t lose a pound in my first 2 weeks and was utterly despondent but I knew if I did not get a handle on weight management then I was doomed forever.

Oh and since writing this book I have piled it all back on… so am taking more realistic steps to stop this from happening again.

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