There is a plethora of information on Bipolar on line. Every query you could possibly imagine has been typed into Goggle’s search engine!  Please do not make any clinical decisions without approval from your own doctor. Whilst the web is wonderful for finding out and sharing information, it is also quite overwhelming which in itself is damaging for bipolar patients. The wealth of information can often lead to confusion and panic about what is wrong or right and feeds the illness.

I must admit that I have now happily reached a stage where I do not want or need to know anything else about my condition. I have overloaded myself, friends and family with every aspect of this illness and there comes a time when it has to stop.


‘’The Bi-Polar Diet – Managing Mood, Food and Weight’’ by Sarah Freeman

‘’Depressive Illness – The Curse of the Strong’’ by Dr. Tim Cantopher

‘’Bi-Polar Workbook – Tools for Controlling Mood Swings’’, by Dr. Monica Remires

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