Maybe alternative words could be jealousy or envy. However, I have to admit that on hearing good news, sometimes there is an unpleasant sensation that I can only attribute to a feeling of resentment. Certainly when things are not going well for me, then other people’s good news can stick in the craw. It is almost as if I wish for a little drama to beset someone else, a feeling which I believe is known as ‘schadenfreude’ (I am very happy I have managed to incorporate this spectacular word in my book !). It soon passes and I know deep down that my heart is good but it is a characteristic, which is nevertheless present, and an unsavoury element to an otherwise exemplary character… I truly believe that to lack pure intentions leads to all sorts of unhappiness and bad fortune. One of the best quotes I heard was from dear departed bipolar sufferer Carrie Fisher ‘’resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die’’. Brilliant!

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