This chapter was kindly written by my Aunt who has tirelessly helped me throughout this book with her fantastic editing.

I have only just adopted this age old concept and I can thoroughly recommend the following procedures to help avoid confusion and anxiety, alleviate guilt, save money, time and petrol, control weight and generally minimise waste and maximise efficiency on a day to day basis.

Do not waste another minute of quality time or indeed any time searching for mislaid car/house keys, credit cards, wallet, spectacles, sunglasses, mobile phones or God forbid passport.  Choose a specific place for all these items and do not deviate from it (suggest you hang keys on a hook in the kitchen as soon as you enter the house).

Take half an hour a week to plan menus and household needs for the next seven days and make a neat, comprehensive, orderly shopping list to include everything possible you and your family and pets require except fresh fruit/vegetables and milk.

Ladies, try to avoid getting in a tizz about what to wear for a special occasion.

You will find an extensive list of more enjoyable tips in my book…

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