In good ‘rubber necking’ style, let’s look at the people who have bipolar disorder to make ourselves feel better and convince ourselves that we are hugely talented, likeable and not just wasted substance abusers! You will find an A-Z list of people with bipolar under Wikipedia. Here are some examples.


Sophie Anderton – British model

Adam Ant – British musician



Ludwig van Beethoven – Austrian musician and composer

Frank Bruno – British heavyweight boxer and television personality

Russell Brand – British comedian, actor and author.  “In a low-key admission at the end of the book, he says he was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder – manic depression – after he kicked the drugs for good in 2002 which goes some way to explaining his almost superhuman indifference to the chaos and catastrophe that almost lead him to obscurity.’’

Lord Byron – British poet, writer and adventurer



Alastair Campbell – British press advisor and ‘spin doctor’ to the Tony Blair administration

Patricia Cornwell – American crime writer

Kurt Cobain – American musician of the band ‘Nirvana’

Rosemary Clooney – American singer and actress – aunt of actor George Clooney



Ray Davies – British musician of the group ‘The Kinks’ popular in the 1970’s

Charles Dickens – renowned 19th century British author



Edward Elgar – British composer



Carrie Fisher – American writer and actress of Star Wars fame

Connie Francis – American singer

Stephen Fry – British actor, comedian and writer



Paul Gascoigne – ‘Gazza’ – British footballer

Mel Gibson – Australian actor and film director

Graham Greene – British author



Paula Hamilton – British model

Ernest Hemingway – American author



Jack Irons – British drummer, formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam



Jesse Jackson – American politician and son of Civil Rights pioneer

Kay Redfield Jamison – Clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who profiled her own bi-polar disorder in her 1995 memoir ‘An Unquiet Mind’ and argued for a connection between bi-polar disorder and artistic creativity in her 1993 book ‘Touched with Fire’.



John Keats – British romantic poet

Kerry Katona – British television presenter, writer, magazine columnist and former singer with girl band Atomic Kitten



Vivien Leigh  – British actress most famous for her role as Scarlet O’Hara in the film ‘Gone with the Wind’

Abraham Lincoln  – Former American president



Spike Milligan  – British comedian and writer

Marilyn Monroe  – American actress

Edvard Munch    – Norwegian artist (famous in particular for ‘The Scream’)



Isaac Newton – mathematician and physicist

Florence Nightingale – nurse and health campaigner

Friedrich Nietzsche – German philosopher



Sinead O’Connor – Irish musician

Bill Oddie  – British naturalist, comedian and television presenter



Edgar Alan Poe  – American poet and writer

Charley Pride  – country music artist




Axl Rose  – lead singer of the band Guns ‘N Roses

Rene Rivkin – entrepreneur



Frank Sinatra – American singer and actor

Sidney Sheldon – producer and writer

Dusty Springfield  – British singer



Margaret Trudeau – Canadian celebrity and ex-wife of former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau

Ted Turner  – American media businessman



Jean Claude Van Damme  – Belgian actor and kick boxer

Vincent Van Gogh  – Dutch artist

Mark Vonnegut – author and American Paediatrician and memoirist



David Walliams  – British actor, author, comedian, charity fundraiser

Ruby Wax – American comedienne

Amy Winehouse  – British musician

Virginia Woolf – author

Brian Wilson  – American musician

Sadly the late Robin Williams may also have suffered.



Catherine Zeta Jones – Welsh actress and Hollywood film star

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