I think by now most of us will have heard that the brain is one of the least understood organs in the body. Neurotransmitters are hormone-like chemicals which send signals to all parts of the nervous system. I lived with a buzzing head for years. It feels as if there are electric shocks going off in your head. I was terrified that people could see my head shaking because it was shaking so violently inside. There are so many different lay terms for this neurotransmitter malfunction. I refer to my ‘fuzzy brain’ or ‘wobbly head’. At its worst though, the feeling of electricity in the brain can be terrifying and, of course, causes patients to insist on brain scans to seek what is an almost unanswerable question – what causes bipolar?

Why is my brain wired like this? I can still – to this day – feel that my nervous system is out of kilter. I want someone to just turn the tap off in my head…

An example of my dodgy wiring is obsessive thinking and analysis. My mind starts to fill up very quickly and my need to release these thoughts verbally at 100 mph might explain that all is not OK. At its worst when deep breathing and meditation has not helped, then I will take Xanax to quieten the mind. This is not to be advised unless you have permission from your own physician and mine while understanding, does not like my reliance on Xanax. I do have permission but only in extreme cases and owing to prior addiction issues I try to stick to my medication regime rigidly.

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