Where there are money issues there is always potential for conflict. This has fuelled the agitation in me more than any other area. I simply cannot stand not having enough money and often breath a sigh of relief when my card is not rejected in the supermarket. Since I became ill, my ex and I did not have the luxury of two salaries. Even though mine was always fairly paltry, it was better than nothing and paid for those little luxuries (like an impromptu visit to the shoe shop, a holiday) that now are not so affordable. My friends were appalled that I did not have money in my account and that my ex husband gave me cash each week.

For years I have been hysterical about this, especially distressing after an itinerary from the bailiffs whilst I was still in a bathrobe with a 1 year old!

The thought of never having quite enough money (I am not in anyway avaricious) still causes me great stress…

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