I have a huge sensitivity to light, particularly sunlight. I realise that I am not alone in this and that a lot of people squint in the sun, but for me and other bipolics it can be very troubling. Not only is it physically uncomfortable but it also affects my mood. I am constantly putting on/taking off my sunglasses and often feel high or manic in the sunshine. I did not realise until I researched that there is specific light therapy used to treat depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the winter. This is not something I have undertaken, but it is quite apparent now that every September I have a huge crash into depression and this is linked to the change in light. Headaches and migraines also appear to be linked to the sunlight or lack of it.

So as I begin to launch this website, it’s March and the sun is shining and I can feel my mood elevating… so this has to be kept in check.

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