Honestly, I have put a few words on Karma because I did not know which other subject to put under K. Although my mother-in-law’s name begins with K, but she has already had a sufficient bashing. And while we are on the subject of Karma, I must admit that she is a super Granny.

The Oxford dictionary definition of Karma is as follows:

‘Buddhist’s destiny as determined by his actions’.  I am not a Buddhist myself (although I admire most of their beliefs); I am certainly no theologian and have to confess that the idea of my ultimate fate being determined by my behaviour on this earthly plane is somewhat terrifying!  However, I am a firm believer in doing what one can for one’s fellow men, women and animals and try my best to embrace this philosophy – so perhaps all will be well in the next world!

More recently the word karma has come to mean ‘fate’ or ‘atmosphere’ or even ‘vibes’.  ‘Good karma’ is an expression which is often used and one which indicates that something just feels right.  No more, no less.  A gut feel in other words or perhaps even intuition.

With bipolar, however there is often no radar or gut feeling, only a mass of chaos and different feelings and from experience I am sometimes without instinct…

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