As a precursor to my experiences with the manic side of bi-polar which covers irritability, I have quoted Sarah Eberhardt in her article ‘’The Bi-polar brain and the creative mind’’.

‘Manic Depression or bi-polar is a complex and often cruel illness that takes sufferers on a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and deep depressions. During the mania period, either euphoria or irritability manifest themselves, and sometimes a combination of the two, called “mixed mania”. A person in a manic phase can also exhibit symptoms known to physicians as the DIGFAST symptoms: distractibility is heightened; insomnia is present due to increased energy; grandiosity occurs in delusions of Godliness or omnipotence; flights of ideas speed up thought processes; activity is greatly increased; and thoughtlessness results in sexual promiscuity and/or shopping sprees ‘.

Under Irritability I would also include anger, agitation and aggression. It all comes under Mania and a mind that is simply too busy and too over-stimulated and emotional. My incidents of extreme irritability are short and sharp and everything can return to normal quite quickly and my therapist explained that my daughter is probably confused about my parenting as it went from ‘’pretty much do as you please within reason and watch Peppa Pig while I pour myself another glass of wine’’ to a stricter more consistent routine. Is she spoilt? Yes!

So there are times when I feel utterly overwhelmed by everything. I start to get hysterical about unpaid bills and not having enough money, the house not being tidy, about needing a bookcase, how the office is incomplete. The garden is unmanageable and therefore we need to move house. My solutions are not solutions, they are extreme mood swings. In short, nothing is right and is compounded and exacerbated by PMS.

What to do when this irritation takes you over entirely….

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