This is a big issue for me and usually follows a high period where there has been a few days of activity. Hypomania tends to last 3-4 days with me and then my energy levels drop. I can literally spend an entire morning wondering what to do. This is because I have gone back to a low mood and actually do not feel able to do anything ‘‘well’’ and fear of that has in the past rendered me useless and incapable of doing anything positive at all. Now that I recognise  ‘the beast’, I am able to reason that I need to take baby steps for a few days and try to tackle small tasks. Multi-tasking in this state is an impossibility and creates a lot of tension.  For example, I ask myself questions like ‘’should I shop before I take the dog for a walk or after? Maybe I should get the strawberries from that shop because they are better quality but that means I still have to go to the other shop to get shampoo. The day- to-day minutiae becomes utterly overwhelming and my mind is unable to process simple instructions. These small-fry internal debates are extremely debilitating and it is very apparent to me that it is not normal to be so indecisive in such mundane matters.

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