I would also include Impulsivity to a degree. However, apart from sporadic, slightly mania-induced clothes buying sprees, it is pretty much under control. And what woman doesn’t like the occasional splurge on clothes?  Signing a contract for a new house when we had not sold our own and losing 40K could, however, does come under the impulsive umbrella. I was so manic and so desperate to change things that I thought a new house would help. Actually I think it would have done as I am totally fed up with the house I have lived in for the last ten years or more. There are a lot of sad memories for all of us here and a move at some stage in the future will be welcome. As a footnote to this I do remember being as high as a kite in the lawyer’s office when we were signing contracts. I was totally over the top and even asked for champagne at one stage.

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