Hormones have wreaked havoc with me since the age of 15. Although my periods have always been regular, they have been prefaced with terrible PMS in the form of irritability, irrationality and extreme emotion. This coupled with extremely painful breasts (which are still painful even after the reduction) each cycle is very debilitating. When I went to see one hormone specialist, he asked me to leave after hearing that I had regular periods. ‘’There is no hormonal imbalance and nothing I can do for you’’. Great bedside manner. I admit to being a complete hypochondriac, but doctors do seem to glaze over when I start to talk about hormones. Why is this?

My Mum says the combination of hormones and bi-polar is shocking to witness and definitely to be around. In fact I think she believes my illness is largely due to hormonal irregularities and since conventional hormone tests show nothing, it is almost impossible to diagnose.

And now the start of the menopause…

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