I am quite emotional when I talk about my headache experience as frankly it was/has been almost as bad as the bi-polar. To spend such a prolonged period of time in that level of pain can only cause depression. Every time I saw a doctor I mentioned my headaches or brain fog (I did not know what it was) and they seemed to be stumped. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it took around 5 years before a headache specialist diagnosed MIGRAINES !!!!!!!!!!!! I explain in more detail how headaches are very common in bipolar cases and how a separate approach is needed to combat the headaches whilst not upsetting the medication balance for mood swings. It’s very complicated, frustrating and upsetting.

After years of trying different tablets and numerous neurological tests I have finally found a solution to those chronically debilitating headaches. Only occasionally do I experience intense pain and this is usually tension/hormonal related. I do recommend a good massage to help neck and head tension.

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