A problem throughout my life has been bingeing – either with food or alcohol.

I was a binge drinker. I didn’t drink everyday but when I drank, I drank to excess and after the first glass of wine touched my system, I knew I would want more. Only iron willpower made me drink moderately and that was rare.

As with binge drinking can lead to alcoholism, binge eating can also lead to food disorders.

My bingeing is in actual fact directly caused by my medication. I take Seroquel at night (see M – medication) and about an hour later I am ravenously hungry. This can cause me to wake up and before I know it, I am on autopilot walking downstairs into the kitchen spooning Nutella into my mouth followed by anything else naughty. It is very upsetting and disruptive as I have worked hard to lose weight and am very motivated to stay slim and healthy, so I resent this side effect enormously……. It’s no good saying ‘’use willpower woman’’ as it’s like being in a robotic state and no amount of food is enough. The cravings are sugar driven (the enemy for bi-polics, see S for sugar). Drastic measures are often imposed which have seen me being locked in the bedroom with a chamber pot! Can you imagine?

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