This is a common bi-polar symptom and continues to impact my life.

Why, why, why?

I find it extremely vexing to accept anxiety in any shape or form. In fact I am staggered at how easy my life is compared to others, and am enraged and BORED by the time and energy that goes into fighting this ailment. Yes, some will argue that it is all relative but I can’t quite help wonder if I would dwell so much on it if indeed my days were ACTUALLY spent running away from a sabre toothed tiger, instead of an imaginary one. I go to sleep with a satiated belly and climb into a warm bed at night, and have a beautiful daughter breathing softly in her bed. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are well and truly met. No sabre toothed tiger in sight. So why the sudden utterly unnecessary pumping of adrenalin, tight chest, hyperventilation and feelings of imminent death?  At its worst, nothing short of hell. (…)

More coming soon.

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